Whether you’re a start-up, want to grow your business, want to put easy-to-manage accounting systems in place, or urgently need help to get your finances in order, Hayhoe Webb can help.

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Business Start-up

If you’re thinking of opening a pub, restaurant, B&B or other hospitality business in East Lothian, the Hayhoe Webb Partnership can provide invaluable support.

Business Growth

When you want to grow your hospitality or tourism business and are looking for sound business advice from an expert in hotel, pub and licensed management we're here to help.

Business Rescue

If your finances are floundering and you need to take control of your hospitality business to square things with the tax man, The Hayhoe Webb Partnership are a safe pair of hands.


Not many people in the hospitality trade love bookkeeping – but someone’s got to do it! It’s a legal requirement and Hayhoe Webb are experts.