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Hayhoe Webb have test-driven the best online accounting software, and we’ve found Xero to be head and shoulders above the rest. So we’re now delighted to be officially credited Xero partners.

Why Xero online accounts?

  1. simple to use – get started in minutes
  2. clear, intuitive, visual interface
  3. 100% reliable
  4. instant reports
  5. access it anywhere – desktop, laptop, phone or tablet

And that’s only the start.

A powerful accounting tool

The great thing is, Xero can be as simple or as detailed as you want to make it. If you just want to see simple snapshots, record your sales or check your cashflow, that’s quick and straighforward. Visual graphs give you instant feedback on what’s going on.

Or if you love detail (like us accountants), you can choose more in-depth reports, for clear insights into what the figures reveal about your business. We can keep tabs on your figures on a regular basis, and give you practical advice to develop your hospitality business.

Xero is a game-changer in accounting for hospitality businesses. It helps us to be active, hands-on partners in building your business month by month.

Is Xero Accounts software expensive?

No. In fact, it’s now part of our basic service to our clients. You save time, we save time – a win-win that works out cost-neutral to you. Suffice to say that we’re seriously impressed by Xero. And accountants aren’t easily impressed.

The bottom line: Xero Accounting simplifies your accounts. If you’d like to see a demo of this great accounts system, give us a call on 07802 771 137 or contact us online. We can help you at every stage from setup to year end.

Xero Accounting Partners

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